User Experience and User Interface design for shop re-design

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Ubisoft Mainz/ User Experience and Interface Design freelancer for the free-to-play strategy MMORPG Might and Magic Heroes Online.


Flow charts & information architecture
Creation of wireframes, mockups and animations
Prototyping (click prototypes), Implementation in Adobe Flash (Adobe Animate) with Action Script


Live Service
Launch: 4 Months

Freelance User Experience / User Interface Designer.

As a freelance UI/UX designer at Ubsioft Mainz, my task was to redesign the shop. The focus was on a better and easier user experience and accessibility, in order to increase the conversion rate of potential buyers in the shop.
First of all I looked at the current status of the shop and together with the producer we defined the areas that could be improved. We also researched and analysed successful competitor shops. As an example, we also used proven and successful shop models in the e-commerce market. Based on this insight, I created a flow chart of the entire shop, including its content. The click rate was a feature that I wanted to minimise and to give the user the control to navigate everywhere at any time by redesigning the shop. In addition, other UX aspects such as simple and clear navigation, fun to use, clear visual hierarchy (the user gets all the necessary information) and simple payment process were important. Important usability aspects such as clarity, uniformity, minimal workload, error prevention and flexibility were taken into account.

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After the information architecture was created, I started to create wireframes based on it using Adobe Illustrator and balsamiq. I then converted these into a clickable pdf to present it to the stakeholders. The close collaboration between producer and game designer was very important. I also brought engineers into the review process early on to get input from the tech side. After a few iteration phases, we tested the shop with players and adjusted it slightly based on their feedback. I helped with the implementation using Adobe Flash (Adobe Animate) and also implemented some logic using action script. But the main programming was done by our UI programmers.

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Ubisoft Mainz


I had the pleasure to work with Marc for a couple of years on a number of different projects and was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses. His constant quest to learn, adapt and apply professional lessons proves out Marc's ability to be an active individual contributor and participant on any team. Marc Sodermanns is a dedicated professional always willing to help others achieve their goals. If Marc Sodermanns is not on your team, then you're missing out.


Uwe Mathon
Senior Producer, Ubisoft


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