Responsive screen design development of the new website from Palmer Hargreaves

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Palmer Hargreaves / Art Director Digital
Screen design and blog design for the relaunch of Palmer Hargreaves corporate website. 
Creation of style tyle, responsivness screen design for web, tablet and mobile breakpoints, implementation with Neos CMS Sytem 
3 months
Position: Art Director Digital.
I worked as a Digital Art Director at Palmer Hargreaves GmbH. At the time I was expanding the Digital Creative team. I had a leading role in defining and implementing new digital skills and agile workflows (wireframing, user journeys, prototyping, creative thinking). As part of this role I had the opportunity to take over an upskilling initiative and lead several internal training workshops in Agile Workflows, Digital Creative Skills and Gamification. I was also involved in many large customer projects and presentations for Palmer Hargreaves blue chip clients. 



The project was the redesign and relaunch of the Plamer Hargreaves website. Together we developed different concepts and ideas to create a central communication concept.
As part of the process, I developed different designs that would not only carry the new editorial content, but also show the UX optimisations on the website.
The main focus was to present Palmer Hargreaves as a brand but also as a potential employer. An internal careers page was designed for this purpose. In addition, through an intuitive and easy navigation, the user should be able to get to know the agency's range of services and view the latest work cases.
Another major project was the design and integration of the blog site. This should also make the user want to dive deeper into the many different blog posts and should be presented accordingly.


The basis of the different screen designs was content partly from the old website, busome of which was developed by content creators, but also directly by the executive management. A dedicated team squad was set up for this task. We developed the concepts in close cooperation and discussed and adjusted them in regular reviews with the responsible team members.

In order to convey all the information to the user in a simpler and more structured way, I first created the information architecture of the sections and categories. The focus was on making the information easily accessible.
Since this is a website and visitors only have a short time and attention span, both the information and the menu navigation had to be rapid and intuitive.
The development also included the design of the different breakpoints such as tablet and mobile resolutions. In addition, I created a precise and concise style sheet to define the exact guidelines for the modular build up website.

Another big focus was the implementation of the site into a modern CMS system, so that it was easy for the content creators to add new content or make adjustments. In the end, we decided to work with a programming company and use the CMS system Neos, as it seemed the most suitable for our purposes. Above all, the mobile-first approach was important to us, so that it looked very clean and was easy to use, especially on mobile breakpoints.



With a sharpened brand core and the resulting brand image, the new Palmer Hargreaves website takes off.
We are all very happy with the result. Increasing user numbers and clicks, a slick, modern web design, great storytelling and a centralisation of our blog contributions underline and confirm a successful relaunch.


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