On Air design for broadcast format "Bericht aus Berlin" and Wahldesign 2012

ARD Bericht aus Berlin und Wahldesign Header

Tsunami Postproduction, ARD / motion graphics design, on air design for the broadcasting formats "Bericht aus Berlin" and on air design for the recurring Landtagswahlen and Bundestagswahl in Germany 


On air design for  “Bericht aus Berlin”, special broadcast “Bericht aus Berlin Sommerinterview” and Wahldesign. This includes: opener, logo-loop, credits, studioloop, report inserts and graphical loop.


Bericht aus Berlin:
Wahldesign from 2008-2012


The task for us, the postproduction agency Tsunami, and myself, as the motion graphics designer, was to create the on-air design for the TV news programme "Bericht aus Berlin" (Report from Berlin). A format where current news, events and contents from politics are reported, as well as in the case of the format "Sommerinterview", interviews with top candidates (such as Angela Merkel) were conducted. In addition to the prominent broadcast opener, this included all other design elements such as the broadcast outro, logo loops (for background animation purposes), inserts, credits, etc. This also included the branding architecture, i.e. the use of typography, logo and other brand guidelines, as a style guide. The development and branding of the broadcast studio was also part of this project. The overall design concept was then further elaborated for the special programme "Bericht aus Berlin: Sommerinterview" (Report from Berlin: Summer Interview).

In addition to "Bericht aus Berlin", the entire branding and on-air design for the ARD election design (Wahlen) in germany was developed. As mentioned above, this included the complete on-air design development, as well as branding architecture, studio branding, but also UI elements such as voting diagrams, forecast charts and much more.

In cooperation with “ARD Design” and “Tsunami GmbH”



Bericht aus Berlin


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