Responsive screen design and blog content for car parking application

Deutsche Telekom Park and Joy Hero Shot

New Smart City solution exhibited at CEBIT
Easy and hassle-free location of connected parking spaces via app
Hamburg and Deutsche Telekom digitize up to 11,000 parking spaces


Conception & information architecture
Creation of Wireframes and mockups
Prototyping (Click Prototypes)


3 months

Position: Art Director Digital.

I worked as a Digital Art Director at Palmer Hargreaves GmbH. At the time I was expanding the Digital Creative team. I had a leading role in defining and implementing new digital skills and agile workflows (wireframing, user journeys, prototyping, creative thinking). As part of this role I had the opportunity to take over an upskilling initiative and lead several internal training workshops in Agile Workflows, Digital Creative Skills and Gamification. I was also involved in many large customer projects and presentations for Palmer Hargreaves blue chip clients.


A smartphone app that provides drivers with information about vacant parking spaces throughout the city. Goal is, to reserve spaces and pay parking fees to be much easier in the future. To make sure that information about parking spaces will be available to drivers in real time, up to 11,000 public and private spaces, including parking garages, will be digitized. “All drivers wish that they could park their vehicles without worry and stress. We have an app that makes parking easy – you just find a parking space, book it and pay the fee – that’s all there is to it,” says Reinhard Clemens, Deutsche Telekom Board of Management member and CEO of T-Systems.

Deutsche Telekom Park and Joy mockup

Once we gathered all the requirements, our first goal was to rapidly create wireframes and prototypes, which I presented to the client. After approving the framework and the overall architecture of the app, as well as the website and blog structure, we filled them with content. The main focus was to make the website responsive and therefore show correct page breakpoints for all possible applications, as it is the case with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with smaller displays and different aspect ratios.

Deutsche Telekom ParkandJoy Process

We developed a user-friendly, visually appealing and search engine optimised website, which is constantly being expanded as part of the roll-out. In addition to concept, visualisation and content, we have also integrated a blog, which the editorial office of Palmer Hargreaves,feed monthly with articles about "Park and Joy", Smart Parking and Smart City. The website should quickly and simply communicate the product and its product features and convert the User to download the free app. The blog extends the reach in social channels and increases awareness

Deutsche Telekom Park and Joy App Final


I worked with Marc as our Art Director Digital at Palmer Hargreaves GmbH. At the time he and his skills were crucial for expanding our digital creative team. He had a leading role in defining and implementing new digital skills and agile workflows (wireframing, user journey, prototyping, design thinking). As part of this he also was important for our upskilling initiative and did several internal trainings and workshops on agile workflows, digital creative skills and gamification. He always cared for coaching his peer and young talents. At the same time he was involved in many large customer projects and presentations for our blue chip clients. I always appreciated working with Marc as he has the rare ability to combine state-of-the-art digital skills with a very good antenna for clients' actual needs. Therefore he always was an inspiration for clients and colleagues as well as someone with a can-do-attitude who got things done.


Dr. Iris Heilmann
Unternehmensinhaber bei Palmer Hargreaves DE

Portrait Iris Heilmann

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